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Stranger Sings! The Musical

January 27, 2023

Set in 1983, The Musical Parody showcases the talent of several actors like Jeremiah Garcia, Jeffrey Laughrun and Jamir Brown. The set is as colorful and fun as the Netflix TV Show which entangles a web of funny stories inspired by the 1980’s magical town of Indiana. Caroline Huerta plays the Winona Ryder character with great stamina and wit. All the actors possess great talent in their vocal harmonies all supervised by musical director Michael Kaish and the choreography by Ashley Marinelli. The props are great, with its neon lights you are transported to another portal that recreates several ambiances including the children’s basement. The Off-Broadway Musical is directed by Nick Flatto. For tickets go to: Extended through March 5! Do not miss it!

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BellaFill Fills Fine Lines & Acne Scars

November 22, 2016

Anti-Acne & Anti-Aging

There is only one thing that competes with the uncomfortable concern of acne- and that’s acne scarring. Unsightly adult acne, more often than not, leads to having to deal with irreversible skin damage, until now!

The unexpected solution sweeping the nation is the latest cosmetic injectable facial filler Bellafill. If you are someone who suffers from the ever-lasting psychological effects and physical reactions from acne conditions, Bellafill is the answer to your prayers.

A distressing quantity of individuals, estimated between 40 million to 50 million Americans, have been affected by some form of acne, and not just teenagers. Individuals seek out a variety of “proper” treatments for this embarrassing dermal ailment in hopes to rid themselves of acne scars once and for all. Whether at-home popping, antibiotics, creams, ointments, cleansers or other remedies to cure, those who experience scars caused from acne result in never forgetting some of their most traumatizing years.

Hard To Treat: Acne to Acne Scarring

Acne and acne scarring is quite hard to treat due to a large sum of factors including plugging of pores and oil production, unhealthy diet, genetics, sun exposure, poor skin-care, etc.

Inflammation may occur from mild to the most severe cases; research indicates that even on the surface of the skin of acne patients where one doesn’t see any reminisce of pimples, breakouts and blemishes, there are inciting elements on a molecular level which never diminish. Assorted bacteria and hormones, particularly androgens (the male hormones present in men and women) will require additional attention. They overstimulate the oil glands and hair follicles in the skin, causing communal acne flares.

BellaFill Fights Back!

Dr. Monica Tadros stands behind the most revolutionary formulated product to treat acne scars- Bellafill. Bellafill is taking the cosmetic and medical industry by storm as it is the only dermal facial filler on the market to have been approved by the FDA for the correction of moderate to severe, atrophic, distensible facial acne scars of the cheek in patients over the age of 21. As an injectable filler made up of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), Bellafill may also be used in conjunction with other alternative forms of treatment, such as laser resurfacing or chemical peels, for a more comprehensive result!

Dr. Monica Tadros injects Bellafill under the scars to stimulate an individual’s own collagen to fill the scar. The unique injectable gel, comprised of tiny microspheres integrates and promotes new tissue growth. These spheres are smaller than a human hair, barely visible to the eye, but they are prevailing in collagen production. Patients can see improvement immediately, but the true results occur as the skin continues to get smoother as your own body fills in the scars.

Introducing the only dermal filler approved for the correction of moderate to severe, atrophic, distensible facial acne scars on the cheek in patients over the age of 21 years.

Bellafill offers an important difference to patients who know acne scar correction can be very costly. What if instead of just filling, you could actually restore?

It has distinctive properties. The Bellafill formulated solution works in two ways:

  • The collagen provides immediate volume below atrophic acne scars to lift them to the level of the surrounding skin.
  • The PMMA microspheres create a matrix that supports endogenous collagen production.

On average, Bellafill lasts between 1 and 5 years. Patients who have a series of 2 or 3 injections find their results last longer.

As this innovative and noninvasive facial filler has been introduced to the market by some of the most highly accredited surgeons and dermatologist, other social influencers began endorsement because of its permanent effects vs. temporary grades in comparison to previously qualified leading industry products recognized in the cosmetic industry like Juvederm / Restylane.

About Face: Turning Back Time

On top of aiding with acne scars, Bellafill also works as a skin smoothing elucidation for fine lines and wrinkles. Despite it all, we can stop the evolutionary aging process, but Bellafill can smoothly slow it down a bit. No matter what your life stage is, from adolescence to a maturing adult on a quest for ageless beauty, Bellafill can erase the lines and scars of the past.

Zapping Zits and The Angst Against Acne

A healthy lifestyle goes a long way when it comes to keeping one’s skin blemish-free, no matter what stage of development and age you are in. Anguish regarding acne is an ordinary reaction, but stressing about it does not help. Although skin problems are a seemingly common aesthetic issue, they do not have to be permanent or effect one’s self-esteem and confidence. Acne is temporary and so are the emotional and physical scars.

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Manhattan Medspa’s Best Kept Secret

December 28, 2015

lucypetersaesth_1424278618_140Since the beginning of time, women have discreetly sought magic potions, elixirs and creams that attempt to provide or, at least maintain their beauty. Today, the market for beauty and personal care is saturated with products and services. Faced with this superabundance of offerings, woman of all ages tend to, more often than not, obsess over trying new products and visiting facilities they see advertised in glossy magazines. The results, though, can often be disappointing and significant percentages of consumers don’t achieve the anticipated results. Too many women end up with bungled procedures and great dissatisfaction. To be smart about beauty and personal care, you must know that selecting the combination of the right experts, clinics, techniques and products matters.

At the luxurious Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center, we’ve discovered an oasis in Manhattan where no deceiving advertising will derail you from your journey to perfection.

For our editors, the Lucy Peters facility is one of the best-kept secrets in town. The spa offers services that are truly unique, and their expertise defines their brand, their identity and what they represent. At Lucy Peters, the experts know very intricately the processes we need medically to assure our patients they are in good hands”, admits Kinga Bagnowska, manager of the Spa located at 150 East 58th Street in Manhattan. The venue offers excellent treatments to eliminate unwanted hair on your body.

Internationally recognized, Lucy Peters started her medical engineering research more than two decades ago following a poor experience related to unwanted hair.

A clinician and dermatologist, Peters’ experience and research created patented techniques and adopted aesthetic solutions that together contributed to defining her brand name. Several years ago, Peters partnered with world renowned dermatologist, Dr. Albert Klingman (co-inventor of Retin-A) to create the Lucy Peters Smooth System, the only FDA approved permanent hair removal treatment. After Lucy Peters retired, the spa continued to thrive and is expanding its services to include new techniques for permanent hair removal, hair restoration, skin tightening, tattoo removal and more.

“We have a nurse that is unique, Yone Tierney. She’s been in the spa for 20 years so her knowledge is part of this treasured spa where you can get the best results possible. When you have to get FDA approval and encounter hundreds of regulations, you need the best doctors in the handling of your skin and body. It’s a wellness package like no other”, says Bagnowska.

One of the reasons that the Lucy Peters hair removal process is unique, is the fact that Lucy Peters developed a system that applies to different hair colors. It’s a process that is color blind, be it gray, red, blonde, brown or black hair, the system adapts to the person’s individual condition, thus removing effectively without seeing the hair grow back.

The clinic environment of Lucy Peters is very tranquil and professional. Owned by plastic surgeon Gil R. Altman, the venue is nestled in midtown east. It is a convenient building where you will get pampered and treated for the tailored services you need. “We make an assessment based on your needs, but the fact is that coming here once and applying hair removal just a few times, without having terrible consequences on your skin like in grown hair or other side effects, it’s a big plus for our clients”, concludes Bagnowska.

The Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center is located in the A&D Building at 150 East 58th Street, Suite 2901, N.Y., N.Y., 10155.

For a Free Consultation or more information, call 212-486-9740 or visit their website at

By Rosanna Perez

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NYC Plastic Surgeon Focuses in on Male Aesthetics

December 28, 2015

DrSteinbrechSittingatDeskBorn and raised in a small farm town in Iowa just outside Cedar Rapids, Dr. Steinbrech has a passion in the field of plastic surgery like no other doctor. He attended college at the University of Iowa for both his undergraduate (B.S. Biology with honors) and MD (medical doctor) degrees.

Specialty includes: Male Plastic Surgery in NYC

Now an iconic figure in the city of New York, he gives us an insight into his life in the Big Apple.

 “Dr. Steinbrech admits NYC is the greatest in the world!”

Why did you go into the specialty of plastic surgery for men?

While in the early years of medical school, I began to research specialties, I also realized that plastic surgery was like no other medical specialty – it was a unique marriage of skills where technique and creativity join together.

How has the trend changed for men?  It used to be the gym, why do plastic surgery?

For most men, plastic surgery is an extension of what they do in the gym. One trend we see is people are considering procedures because of the role they play in the public eye. For example, models, musicians, and actors are among the population of people concerned with maintaining their outward appearance. We are also seeing more and more fathers who have spent the last several years of their lives focusing on raising a family and now feel that they want to re-focus on their health and appearance, just like mothers. Another area of growth is the CEO’s and Boardroom Executives. This group of men are finding themselves across the table from younger executives who are fit and have a strong appearance, and in many cases they feel maintaining their physical appearance gives them a competitive edge in the boardroom.

You have been featured in books, and have done conferences on the subject.  What makes you the best plastic surgeon for men?

I understand men. I think that is the most important part. I have a very high volume of men come through my practice and the number of men I see continues to increase. Over the years of focusing on men, I have learned a lot and adjusted my technique to tailor results to their desires. My goal as a surgeon is always to continue to innovate and offer my patients the best possible outcomes through advances in technology and technique. I am very honored to be working with CRC Publishing, Inc. to put together the first textbook focusing solely on male plastic surgery. It’s slated to be out in the Fall of 2016 and I hope it will be a great help to other surgeons who are bringing procedures to the men in their communities.

What places are the best for you to shop and dine in the city?

I love NYC shopping – but I have to say my favorite places are Ralph Lauren, J Crew, or anything I see in Soho. Of course living in NYC, we have every kind of restaurant anyone could ever want, but like shopping, I have my favorites. If I am downtown, I always try to dine at Pastis and when I am uptown my favorite place is the restaurant inside the Mark hotel.

There are three Myths about plastic surgery I want people to better understand:

1. All plastic surgery is bad. Plastic surgery is only bad if it is overdone, and in my practice we want patients to have a natural look when it’s all said and done. Plastic surgery can be very good if it is unnoticeable; which is exactly what we focus on. Natural results.

2. Plastic surgery does not mean you don’t diet and exercise. Most people think that people who get plastic surgery are lazy or don’t want to work and take care of their bodies. This could not be farther from the truth. Some of my very best patients live very healthy lifestyles. They eat healthy, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest.

3. Fat should be “lasered” out and thrown away. There are so many good uses for our own fat I hate to hear when it gets discarded. I have developed a technique called BodyBanking (Patent Pending) involves saving that fat and putting it into your biceps, pecs, breast and bottom’s. It creates natural volume and it helps prevent the patient from getting a bulging tummy if they put on a few pounds after surgery.

By Rebeca Herrero

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Art Bodega’s Style Issue Release Party in NYC

July 1, 2015

After being cordially invited to the viewing of the Paraiba Star, held at New York’s Astro Gallery of Gems, Manhattan’s elite celebrated the launch of Art Bodega’s Summer 2015 Style Issue. 

Rebeca Hererro, editor of Art Bodega Magazine gleamed brighter than a diamond as she played hostess of the dazzling unveiling of the world’s largest cut Paraiba Tourmaline housed in a spectacular necklace by Kaufmann de Suisse. 


There were about 15 million reasons that caught the eyes of the wealthy and luxurious crowd who fell in love with the gallery, the gems, and of course the exquisite piece built around the exhibit. While many exclusive, pure and natural cut stones were displayed around the centerpiece, the uniquely rare design of the necklace, valued at 12 million, exemplified what it meant to be a media draw.

Representing incomparable style and grace, Rebeca and other knowledgeable galleria commissioners provided detailed information enamoring party-goers with insightful dialogue surrounding the story behind the one-of-a-kind Paraibia Star.

The Paraibia Star was the absolute perfect symbol to capture the high-end brand and clientele which Art Bodega caters to…

Art Bodega’s Rebeca Hererro conceivably embodies the same extraordinary qualities as the Paraibia Star reaching new levels of class to the modern New Yorker and the demographic of the publication.

Highlighted at the event, the opportunity arose to speak to the creator of the necklace as she explained a little about the process of creating the Paraibia Star and the imagery which inspires its greatness!


The invite-only occasion proved to be the talk of the town…(Midtown to be exact) – as many attendees arrived in black tie attire to honor the pages of the magazine featuring their glamorous lifestyle.  Those included L.A. Dawson, who wrote “The Stone Cold Truth About Style” on the magazine’s last page, about (you-guessed-it) precious stones, and Holly Signorelli, author of “Do You Know Where Your Money is?” with a featured spread.
Paraiba Star of the Ocean Necklace
Gisela A. Reis, a Sales and Marketing Professional at Astro Gallery about the museum-like store and their clientele. “We get people of all ages and all nationalities, tourists, locals, and celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, who was on the guest list,” she said. “We have items for just a few dollars and all the way up!” She remarked that she’d like to see security camera footage of the gallery after closing, musing that much like “Night At The Museum” perhaps the dinosaur skeleton and other featured creatures move around. She gave me the gallery’s list of stones and their properties which is quite extensive. For Tourmaline (of all colors) it reads: Dispels fear, negativity, and grief. Promotes healthy environment, tranquil sleep, balance in relationship, self-expression. Eases compulsiveness.

Noticed Press: 


The Paraiba Star was in good company on this magical night in NYC. Congrats to all involved in the collaboration of Art Bodega Magazine and Kaufmann de Suisse’s phenomenal artistry and cultural contribution.


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The Rum Diaries: Key West Style

June 16, 2015

The Gates Hotel is one of a kind…

By Rebeca Herrero

Key West, Florida

Key West, where sailors and writers lived in seclusion for decades, is also known as the southernmost tip point of Florida.   Here tourists view it as a destination incomparable to other cities that are surrounded by water, and just plain fun!

Decades old wooden houses give shelter to locals and visitors that come to escape their daily routine lives, and also to watch that incredible sunset.  As the expansion of specialty hotels take place in the area, one new property stands out, The Gates Hotel. With a fun vibe, and great décor, this unique destination located in New Town has a great volume of rooms, and is quite spectacular, for the record!

The Gates Hotel reminds us of boutique hotels in the world that must offer its visitors art, cleanliness, cool gadgets, fun themes, and most of all, a modern version of what sophisticated young adults are looking for in its accommodations.  The fun part has to do with its strategic partners….

The Rum Diaries, Key West Style!

If you happen to know Key West resident like Paul Menta (an import from Philadelphia), you can figure out he is one amazing attraction.

He owns the First Legal Rum Distillery near Duval Street, in what used to be an old Coca Cola Bottling Factory in the 1940’s.  Inside the distillery there are Coca Cola bottles that were hidden underground for decades.  His partnership with The Gates consists of rum drinks mixed at the Rum Row bar.  We tasted one of the cigar aroma mixed drinks, and oh boy, they were amazing!  Menta also happens to be a record holding kite surfer, too!

At Key West First Legal Rum you can taste the “Up in Smoke”, which is a nod to the cigar industry, or the Tomoka Mojito, named after a famous rum-running ship.  You can pair a drink with a Rodriguez Cigar, another partner of The Gates Hotel.

De La Gallery in Old Town was chosen to be a part of the décor at the hotel.  Here, Cuban artist and photographer Jorge de la Torriente exhibits digital editions of Key West images that are also available to its patrons.

Amazing food, the culinary experience trend

The Blind Pig is The Gates’ signature food truck serving tapas-style selection of regional Cuban, Bahamian, Caribbean and Floridian flavors- also known as “conch fusion”.  Spearheaded by local chef David Fuhrman of Great Events Catering, The Blind Pig’s menu is seasonally-inspired and constantly rotating with dishes, including conch salads, grouper sliders and a modern take on the muffuletta sandwich.

The cooking demonstrations at Isle Cook are a wondrous activity for the visitor who wants to enjoy leisure time with great food.  Whether you want to taste a heirloom tomato gazpacho with mango salsa, or baked spaghetti beef tongue in parchment paper with Mediterranean Anchovies from local super star chefs, the wine pairing is a fun experience for foodies.  The lessons are priced from $70 to $150 per person.  Worth every penny….

Many bars are located alongside the strip of Duval Street.  Here you will find plenty of old and new locations to taste a variety of beers and wines, or enjoy that mojito during a humid afternoon, ready to cool your taste buds already saturated with seafood and spicy new southern dishes.

Because Key West is the place to go, no matter where you live in the world…….


Other amenities

-Martone Cycling Company, custom-designed blue and white bikes exclusive to the hotel.

-Experience the sunset sail boats owned and operated by Fury Water Adventures near Sloppy Joe’s.


The Gates Hotel- Key West (rooms start at $249 a night) is located at 3824 N. Roosevelt Boulevard in Key West, 33040.  For reservations call 305-320-0930 or visit

You can also visit:  @GatesKeyWest on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and Gates Hotel-Key West on Facebook.

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How Dr. Dadurian Found The Fountain of Youth

June 16, 2015

The dedicated doctor who keeps expanding her business with a second location in Palm Beach, is revolutionizing the way we look for the sake of natural beauty!

By Rebeca Herrero

With two locations in Palm Beach, Dr. Dadurian is revolutionizing the Anti-Aging world in one of the most demanding cities when it comes to looking and feeling youthful, Palm Beach.  Her secret stems from her professional background as a doctor.  After years of being an internist, she decided to venture in this field, becoming the preferred doctor when it comes to contouring parts of your body and minimizing wrinkles in your face.

Her refreshing and youthful appearance is a testament to her own research in the Anti-Aging and Regenerative processes.  She excels in laser liposuction, skin tightening for face and body, and instant wrinkle correction.  She also offers great micronutrient testing, telomere testing, weight loss therapy and IV vitamin therapy.  Recently she completed a fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy and is an extreme advocate for preventative medicine.

The mother of two – she has two teenagers that attend the Rosarian Academy- is a world traveler with an incessant quest for finding new techniques that will foster preventative medicine.  A big believer in methods that will make us feel and look youthful, she believes that taking care of your face and body are an integral part to finding the fountain of youth.  “I believe you should start young and not wait until you are so old, because this way you can prevent aging at a faster pace. You will be more in control,” admits the Armenian born doctor, raised in Germany and England.

Her second location in the Palm Beach, Bioage MD is a spin-off of MD Beauty Labs, a 4,000 sq feet venue located in West Palm Beach.  The new facility consisting of 1200 sq ft includes an oxygen bar, an organic juice bar and an IV vitamin cocktail lounge.  Her expectations are for it to grow into a national franchise that will empower customers to seek positive changes in their lives.

From her office at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Dr. Dadurian gives Art Bodega Magazine an insight into her powerful world of beauty and health.

When did you start your practice?


Why Palm Beach? 

Since I went to Miami University and lived in Miami for so many years, I was ready for a change. Palm Beach is great place to be.

Where are you from?

I was born in Romania, raised in Germany. I attended a boarding school in England. After high school, I left Europe to attend the University of Miami School of Medicine.

How would you describe yourself in the field of medicine and what makes you unique?
I consider myself to be an innovative doctor in the field of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. I am unique because I am relentlessly seeking out the newest technologies and anti-aging and beauty treatments on the market

How would you describe your style? 

My style is artistic and science-based.

You have been successful for more than two decades in South Florida.  Why clients prefer you? 

I think my clients prefer me because I was their trusted medical doctor prior to specializing in the field of aesthetics. I have worked hard to become an expert in this field and most people choose to come to me through word-of-mouth referrals
You have a great environment in your venues.  Who creates this, how do you get inspired?
I’ve always had a passion for art and the decor is a reflection of my modern style and love of colors. My mother was an architect so I am naturally inherent of these characteristics.
Where do you like to travel? 

I have been all over the world traveling is my passion. I work hard and I also play hard.  My favorite place to visit so far has been Africa.

What is the secret to your youthful look?

People tend to tell me that as I age I’m looking younger.  As I reflect back on some of my photos, this seems to be true.  I would attribute that to many of my aesthetic techniques and services that are offered in my practice are due to the fact that I have not waited until I look old before I do something about it.  I feel that many of the treatments that I’ve had done are for the purpose of maintaining my youth.

What is your daily routine? 

My daily routine consists of getting my kids ready for school and starting work at my MD beauty labs location for most of the day.  Then I leave that location and continue working at BioageMD which is my Palm Beach location.  I work on a daily basis at least until 7 p.m. every night

Any good advice for us to know about beauty…What we shall not do?
One beauty suggestion that I would give to someone if they asked me is to stay out of the sun as much as possible.
Also what are the plans for the future… What is the next goal for Dr Dadurian?

It don’t have any immediate plans for the future but I would like to eventually franchise my BioageMD location as it is now.  I want people to know what a great concept it is, all for their enjoyment.



320 S. Quadrille Blvd

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401


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Holly Signorelli is a Texan with Cosmopolitan Flair

June 15, 2015

Holly can teach you money management strategies! holly1

Blonde, smart and sexy, Holly Signorelli stands out from the crowd.  Wearing Louboutin shoes and perfectly coiffed hair, she arrives amid a snowstorm in New York at La Pulperia Restaurant located in the Upper East Side, looking flawless, beautiful, tall and shapely.  She could well be in a rock music video dazzling the crowds while dancing with high energy, seductive eyes, and an attitude that melts the hearts of handsome while never losing the attention and  admiration of powerful women.

Her new self-published book “Do You Know Where Your Money Is? ®” follows the step of gurus like Georgette Mosbacher or Suze Orman, women who know how to manage money and teach about it.  As we spoke during an interview while sipping a fancy mixed martini, Signorelli spoke about different episodes in her life with great prowess, never losing her smile even though Manhattan was blanketed by the brutal storm.  During the photo shoot, Signorelli posed with grace in the fantastic venue, surrounded by modern architecture, chic décor and a light that helped her resplendent persona.

Her accounting and consulting firm in Dallas, Texas has 650 clients.  She is superb with numbers, but goes beyond the advising.  She refers to herself as an “emotional coach”.  “People spend their money based on their emotions and compulsiveness, sometimes losing it all”, says the affable but determined Signorelli who hails from the “Lone Star State”.  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she travels back and forth to the Big Apple to advise her clients from Park Avenue to Wall Street.


Not only has she released two books, but her new publication is a great testament to her knowledge.  She also has it in audio book, available to busy individuals who barely have time for anything.  “While I’m driving, I use audio books that help further my knowledge on everything”, admits Signorelli.  Her strong family values are inherent in her, due to a system of protectiveness that was also kind.  “My parents had 44 foster children, and adopted one of them, as well as my sister from Korea. Their kindness influenced me completely”.

“I can admit that my family was good with money, but for some odd reason, I had a fear of money since I was 14 years old.  It was not a personal fear, it was more a fear based on the economy.  I always liked to spend on good things, provide for myself, buy designer shoes and enjoy life.  For that reason I was aware I had to work hard to live a comfortable life”, reflect Signorelli on her early adolescence.

She attended the University of Texas and got her degree in accounting.  After graduating, she worked for a small firm that enabled her to learn everything needed to continue on a successful path that included some bumps, here and there.  After several years, she went solo, attributing her slow but successful start with the referrals from people that really liked her.  “At the end of the day, this is key in any business”, relays the wife and successful entrepreneur.

One of the key points that built her endurance and determination was having a child at an early age and running from an abusive relationship.  “I was only 22 years old, a mother, going through a rough time, but I always kept working, taking care of my son, and sometimes I would work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm  (I fortunately had a lot of help from family).  Then I would come home to take care of my baby.  I believe that what enabled me to continue was the vision of what I really wanted.  No one could take that away from me”, confesses Holly, who is now known for a superlative career, always unstoppable.

“I’m a true believer that people make bad decisions based on their personal emotions.  This is why I include a great component of these situations while advising my clients.  We can lose a home, we can lose a business due to emotional differences with a business partner.  Emotions can define us and destroy us, a big reason to keep them in check!  It can make you or break you.”

“The most challenging aspect of life is realizing that you need boundaries.  In order to achieve a full life, you must meditate, and the reason I run a successful company, has to do with turning off my phone sometimes.  If you have balance and boundaries, you can achieve this in an easier way.  You cannot make everyone happy, and not everyone will work.  Mistakes are always there, and they teach us how to improve too”, admits the businesswoman.

Her new book of 112 pages is a great summary for debt and spending survival skills.  For people who need to get a quick read in what can become a great relief in their lives.  “Knowing about your habits and hidden addictions defines you.  We all need money to survive, it will all depend on how you spend and save it, how you live through it, and how you enjoy it on a positive note”, always cheerful, serious, dedicated and ready for a great and glamorous photo shoot.  The women of today!  Holly Signorelli!



Holly Nicholas Signorelli, CPA

Registered Representative

Investment Advisor Representative

Group One Insurance

17120 Dallas Parkway Ste. 240

Dallas TX 75248

Securities offered through Sigma Financial Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC.  Investment advisory services offered through SPC, a registered investment advisor.  Client Centric is independently owned and operated.

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Art Bodega Magazine Beauty Awards

December 21, 2014

Guerlain - Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator_v1 Guerlain - Super Aqua-Serum BB Light Guerlain - Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator_v2


Guerlain – Lingerie De Peau BB Cream SPF 30

Has a radiant and lightweight formula that protects, hydrates and evens skin tone.




Guerlain – Super Aqua-Serum BB Hydra Cream SPF 25

Delivers powerful age-defying hydration for up to 12 hours while it evens and protects the skin.



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The Equestrian Season

December 21, 2014

Edwina_Tops-Alexander_and_Guccio_looking_ahead._She_is_wearing_a_Grande_Reverso_Lady_Ultra_Thin._Credit_J._Sauty.jpg_cmykEdwina Alexander and Guccio looking ahead while she wears the Reverso Ultra Thin made by Jaeger Le Coultre.

The Equestrian Season starts in Wellington in January of 2015.  Marc Bellisimo’s WEF (Winter Equestrian Center) will mark another successful year for the businessman that changed the face of this important Equestrian city in South Florida.

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A Latina Powerhouse in New York City

December 21, 2014

MARIA EUGENIA PRINCIPALMaria Eugenia Maury gives exclusive access to Art Bodega Magazine and talks about her non-profit efforts for Aid for Aids.  She’s been involved with this very successful organization for the last 14 years, fundraising on behalf of victims of the disease from around the world.  Her gala at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) marks the first grand event for a Latino based organization in New York City at this important institution.

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Everything Makos- a book by Glitterati Inc.

December 21, 2014

17-web 11-web 10-web

Great photographs make up this luxury product available now by the well known publishing house in New York City.
From Everything by Christopher Makos, © 2014, published by Glitterati Incorporated

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Jaeger Le Coultre & The Muse Diane Kruger

December 21, 2014

Diane_Kruger_on_Place_Vendome.jpg_cmykWomen increasingly regard their watch as an essential style accessory, just like their handbag or their elegant shoes. And because each woman is unique, she looks for a unique watch… And what could be more unique that to own a personalised watch bearing initials, a drawing, or a secret symbol?
Wearing a Reverso, the legendary actor on the universal watchmaking stage, is never insignificant: it is a vivid token of attachment to fine craftsmanship, to a legend, and to extreme quality. Wearing the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin powerfully expresses a certain vision of luxury, of glamour, and of extreme high-end watchmaking. It also embodies a taste for an independent-minded spirit of self-affirmation and of daring to be different. And finally, it pays homage to women’s most cherished dreams…

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Beauty Awards Winter 2014

December 21, 2014

Guerlain - Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator_v1 Guerlain - Super Aqua-Serum BB Light Guerlain - Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator_v2

BEST BB CREAM  Guerlain – Lingerie De Peau BB Cream SPF 30:  This products has a radiant and lightweight formula that protects, hydrates and evens skin tone.


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