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How Olimpia Zuccarelli Is Re-shaping the World of Italian Cuisine with Her New Self-published Book

June 16, 2015

For a seat at my table…

Her beauty and charisma captivates everyone, much like many celebrated international female cooks like Nigella Lawson or Martha Stewart.  Olimpia Zuccarelli not only knows how to cook, she is also a powerhouse in the world of restaurant entrepreneurs who are taking the media by storm.  Olimpia’s sophistication exudes an attractiveness that is unparalleled by others. Whether at a fancy cocktail on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, shopping at Via Amore for a Jackie Rogers dress or carrying the Marley look at the Palm Harbor Marina, Olimpia is comfortable in her own skin. Her style is unique, genuine and out of this world.

She hails from an Italian family from New York, and started cooking at the age of nine.  Her mother still helps her in the kitchen of her famous restaurant Zucarelli’s located in West Palm Beach, at Military Trail. Here delicious and succulent dishes are imbued in your senses throughout this cozy venue that is reminiscent of an old world traditional Italian restaurant, with a modern flair.  When Olimpia gets in the kitchen, she means business!

Now with a self published book titled “A Chair at my table…being Zuccarelli: cooking, eating, living” Zuccarelli is set out to take New York with her charming personality and unique approach for the Italian cuisine. Her culinary expertise stems from a passion for cooking that’s been at her heart since the day she was born.  At the young age of 9, Olimpia involved herself with her grandmother’s traditional Italian kitchen.  Her mother who continues to be an inspiration and role model in Olimpia’s life, maintains an efficient and immaculate kitchen while training the staff to become a part of the Zuccarelli family and not just an employee. This warm and friendly atmosphere would make any foodie admire the duo.

The Zuccarelli family moved to Florida nearly thirty years ago, when the family decided to bring their unique Italian deli concept to a small town in Florida. Consequently, in the following years, the Zuccarelli family established one of the most recognizable and followed restaurants in the Palm Beach area, Zuccarelli’s.  She has been in Palm Beach for 34 years.

Olimpia Zuccarelli takes great pride when she states that “The name of Zuccarelli is very special to us.  With origins in Calabria, Italy, Zuccarelli is my family name.  It has a long and colorful history and I am so proud to have named my family restaurant Zuccarelli’s…I can tell you, I started cooking by myself by the time I was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter”.

In a world filled with competitive pressures, especially from corporations which establish box meal restaurants, Olimpia’s primary concern has always been her family.  She recognizes the importance of her family when she says, “I think my grandmother and my mother were and still are two of the most influential people in my life. After my grandmother passed away, my mother became my guiding light and mentor throughout my career as a restauranteur.  Having a great support system which encompasses my family and close friends is the secret to my success Of course without my restaurant patrons, I would have never been able to achieve a comfortable level of success in my life.” Olimpia refuses to cut corners and insists that the old world traditional family values and work ethics be incorporated into her business model and will always place her family and her restaurant family first when considering making decisions in her professional life.

Zuccarelli is involved with the community and is always ready to help support a variety of charities. Her philanthropic efforts have become well known in Palm Beach County, where her original recipes delight patrons and donors alike.  Her smile is seen while cooking at all times, never leaving an inch of generosity aside.  “I have always made a point to be grateful for the support of my community.  My restaurant is successful because of them.  Consequently, I have an obligation to give back to everyone who has given me much.  In the past, I have held fundraising events for several charities, ranging from animal adoption to fighting breast cancer”, adds the attractive brunette.

Recently, she confessed to have been surprised and honored by the nomination for the “Woman of the Year” charitable event for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).  “I recently held a benefit dinner at the restaurant for LLS which raised over seven thousand dollars.  This event was widely mentioned in the news.  It made me very proud.”  Her decision to write a book came to her a couple of years ago, after family and friends urged her to share her story of success.   “I wanted to share my family stories and recipes with my friends and people in order to help anyone with the dream of owning and managing their own restaurant”, says the entrepreneurial power woman.

The title of the book, “A Chair at My Table, Living, Cooking and Being Zuccarelli” represents Olimpia’s sentiment regarding the importance of sharing a meal with the people around you, whether they are a family member or a stranger.   For the Zuccarellis, it is customary to leave an open chair at the family table for anyone who arrives for dinner.  The book took her two years, from conceptualization to publishing a hard copy. She admits that creating and writing about the recipes were fun and exciting to her, but publishing the book was a different story.  During the latter part, Zuccarelli admits it was extremely difficult, but with the help of people around her, she was able to overcome any obstacles and finalize this great gem for food lovers.

When she talks about style, she describes herself as classy and elegant…with a sprinkle of an adventurous spirit.  She admits to be surrounded by family and people she trusts.  She also says she is a constant traveler who loves to go shopping to New York, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, Milano and everywhere in Italy.  Her vast experience in wine is a testament to a great selection she carries at her restaurant.

The secret to her success?  Consistency.  “I want to give it all at this point in my life.  I want to pursue a television career and conduct seminars around the country which will focus on building entrepreneurial skills as well as develop the confidence to build your own business into a success.  “The importance of a successful business is CONSISTENCY in product and service.  Hands on management, is essential in order to maintain consistent quality and superior service.  Lastly, there is nothing more important in the food industry that always buying FRESH, FRESH, and FRESH!

Olimpia Zuccarelli is a refreshing presence in our culinary world….

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How Dr. Dadurian Found The Fountain of Youth

June 16, 2015

The dedicated doctor who keeps expanding her business with a second location in Palm Beach, is revolutionizing the way we look for the sake of natural beauty!

By Rebeca Herrero

With two locations in Palm Beach, Dr. Dadurian is revolutionizing the Anti-Aging world in one of the most demanding cities when it comes to looking and feeling youthful, Palm Beach.  Her secret stems from her professional background as a doctor.  After years of being an internist, she decided to venture in this field, becoming the preferred doctor when it comes to contouring parts of your body and minimizing wrinkles in your face.

Her refreshing and youthful appearance is a testament to her own research in the Anti-Aging and Regenerative processes.  She excels in laser liposuction, skin tightening for face and body, and instant wrinkle correction.  She also offers great micronutrient testing, telomere testing, weight loss therapy and IV vitamin therapy.  Recently she completed a fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy and is an extreme advocate for preventative medicine.

The mother of two – she has two teenagers that attend the Rosarian Academy- is a world traveler with an incessant quest for finding new techniques that will foster preventative medicine.  A big believer in methods that will make us feel and look youthful, she believes that taking care of your face and body are an integral part to finding the fountain of youth.  “I believe you should start young and not wait until you are so old, because this way you can prevent aging at a faster pace. You will be more in control,” admits the Armenian born doctor, raised in Germany and England.

Her second location in the Palm Beach, Bioage MD is a spin-off of MD Beauty Labs, a 4,000 sq feet venue located in West Palm Beach.  The new facility consisting of 1200 sq ft includes an oxygen bar, an organic juice bar and an IV vitamin cocktail lounge.  Her expectations are for it to grow into a national franchise that will empower customers to seek positive changes in their lives.

From her office at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Dr. Dadurian gives Art Bodega Magazine an insight into her powerful world of beauty and health.

When did you start your practice?


Why Palm Beach? 

Since I went to Miami University and lived in Miami for so many years, I was ready for a change. Palm Beach is great place to be.

Where are you from?

I was born in Romania, raised in Germany. I attended a boarding school in England. After high school, I left Europe to attend the University of Miami School of Medicine.

How would you describe yourself in the field of medicine and what makes you unique?
I consider myself to be an innovative doctor in the field of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. I am unique because I am relentlessly seeking out the newest technologies and anti-aging and beauty treatments on the market

How would you describe your style? 

My style is artistic and science-based.

You have been successful for more than two decades in South Florida.  Why clients prefer you? 

I think my clients prefer me because I was their trusted medical doctor prior to specializing in the field of aesthetics. I have worked hard to become an expert in this field and most people choose to come to me through word-of-mouth referrals
You have a great environment in your venues.  Who creates this, how do you get inspired?
I’ve always had a passion for art and the decor is a reflection of my modern style and love of colors. My mother was an architect so I am naturally inherent of these characteristics.
Where do you like to travel? 

I have been all over the world traveling is my passion. I work hard and I also play hard.  My favorite place to visit so far has been Africa.

What is the secret to your youthful look?

People tend to tell me that as I age I’m looking younger.  As I reflect back on some of my photos, this seems to be true.  I would attribute that to many of my aesthetic techniques and services that are offered in my practice are due to the fact that I have not waited until I look old before I do something about it.  I feel that many of the treatments that I’ve had done are for the purpose of maintaining my youth.

What is your daily routine? 

My daily routine consists of getting my kids ready for school and starting work at my MD beauty labs location for most of the day.  Then I leave that location and continue working at BioageMD which is my Palm Beach location.  I work on a daily basis at least until 7 p.m. every night

Any good advice for us to know about beauty…What we shall not do?
One beauty suggestion that I would give to someone if they asked me is to stay out of the sun as much as possible.
Also what are the plans for the future… What is the next goal for Dr Dadurian?

It don’t have any immediate plans for the future but I would like to eventually franchise my BioageMD location as it is now.  I want people to know what a great concept it is, all for their enjoyment.



320 S. Quadrille Blvd

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401


Where to Eat & Shop

The Norton Museum

December 21, 2014

Picasso - L'Egyptienne-web KK-LM15435 The Sleepless 01 hr-web Goya - Espana-web 1640_Watson-web VI00209D0000_000004ALDRID Gloss! 454_Rawlings-webVisit the Norton Museum in Palm Beach for great exhibitions. This new season The Norton is showing a retrospective on Vogue’s photography titled “Coming into Fashion: A Century of Photography at Condé Nast”  (on view through Feb. 15, 2015).  Also Klara  Kristalova: Turning into Stone, features the sculpture and rarely seen drawings of  the  Czechoslovakian-born, Sweden-based artist, Klara Kristalova, in the first survey of her work in the United States. The exhibition is on view Dec. 2, 2014 through March 29, 2015.  Picasso’s Muses (on view through Feb. 15, 2015):  The centerpiece of this exhibition is Woman with Wrist Watch, from 1932, a monumental work inspired by Marie-Thérèse Walter, with whom Picasso was then in a relationship.  Also Master Prints: Dürer to Matisse (on view through Feb. 15, 2015) showcases more than 40 astonishing works on paper including woodcuts, etchings, engravings, aquatints, and lithographs that span a period of five hundred years. Works by old masters Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya, and Canaletto are displayed with those of modern masters Degas, Matisse, Picasso, Cezanne, and others.

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